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    Receive your Faxes for FREE or,  "Send & Receive" unlimited Faxes Online fax service that provides you with a toll-free number or local fax # from over 1,100 locations throughout the world - at no extra cost.  Faxes are delivered in Adobe PDF format, so you don't need any special software. A $10 per month fee lets you receive 200 pages and send 100 pages at no extra cost. Extra pages are just 10 cents per page. You can send and receive faxes from your email, or the web - and received faxes are stored online for seven days or you can download them to your own PC.

    B) Corporate-Business Fax Services

    Our Corporate internet PC based fax service lets you send and receive faxes from email, within a Microsoft Word application or from your own private access website. This  Fax Service includes online administration tools to let you create and manage user accounts easily. Web based reports let you allocate costs to users or projects. XML based APIs allow this service to be integrated to web sites, CRM (cost recovery management) systems, etc., so you can automate faxing. For full details, see our WebFax page.


For High Volume WEB FAX see our Fax Broadcast Wholesale Page.


(From any Computer)

Rate starts at $0.045/page and lowers
(anywhere U.S. from anywhere!  Rates to other countries from link below)

Only charged for successfully delivered pages!

Web Fax Features

Send Hundreds even Thousands of Faxes with Ease!

Personalize your Documents with
Mail Merge

Easy Fax List and Document Upload

Send Multiple
Fax Broadcasts Simultaneously

Online / Realtime
Project Statistics

Never Call Again "Remove Me" free
List Management



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