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    Web & PC Fax
    for Corporations


    Web Based Corp.
    Broadcast Fax


    RapidFAX for
    Small Business
    & Individuals

    Free Trial     Free Trial

    Is for You if...

    • Ten (10) or more people in your company fax regularly
    • You want to be invoiced for your Internet fax service
    • You want PC to fax software that allows 'print' to fax, or custom-created application for your specific company needs. (Can include auto-generated invoice faxing through your API)

    Is for You if...

    • You send one document to many people at once
    • You want to create personalized faxes
    • You prefer handling your broadcast fax via our  web interface.
    • You want the ability to directly manage your lists, documents and directly schedule your fax jobs

    Is for You if...

    • You and up to ten (10) people in your group fax regularly
    • You want to pay by credit card
    • You don't send or receive more than a thousand pages a month
    • You want to send and receive faxes in email

        Per User Set-Up - $9.00
        $3 per month per user
        10 per pg outbound
        10 per pg inbound

    Custom Rates for Vol. Users 


    Rate starts at 6/pg

    10,000 pgs/mo - Custom Rate
    Click Here for Custom Quote

          No Set Up fees
        Free 30 Day Trial
        $9.95 / Month
        300 Outbound/Inbound  
                     pages included
    You Want...
    You Want...
    You Want...
    • Fax to many
    • Controlled distribution
    • Personalization
    • Instant Live Reports
    • Live Customer Svc.
    • Internet fax via email
    • Included fax pages
    • Instant start-up
    • Email or web interface
    • A Free Trial





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Web Fax Features

Send Hundreds even Thousands of Faxes with Ease!

Personalize your Documents with
Mail Merge

Easy Fax List and Document Upload

Send Multiple
Fax Broadcasts Simultaneously

Online / Realtime
Project Statistics

Never Call Again "Remove Me" free
List Management



To Sign Up for our Corp. Fax or Broadcast Fax Service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.



PC-Based Fax for Corporations

With our platform's Corporate Fax, you use Internet fax to send and receive faxes via email.  Become more productive while enjoying significant savings over conventional fax methods, like fax machines or fax servers.

15 Day Free Trial Contact Us Today

How it works: Fax to Email & Email to Fax Demo



Are you still using fax machines or fax servers across your company?

Our Corporate Internet Fax Services will help you

  • Internet Faxing will substantially reduce your costs
  • No hardware or software required
  • Enable your employees to conveniently use email to fax
  • Increase security since faxes are delivered directly to the recipient's desktop
  • Increase productivity by saving time walking to the fax machine and waiting for delivery
  • Let mobile employees fax easily and securely from the road
  • Begin using your email to fax almost immediately once you enroll
  • Eliminate capacity constraints
  • Centralize fax account management

Why our Platform?

Our Platform comes with years of experience providing Internet fax services, focusing on reliability, 24/7 customer support, and secure Internet fax communications. Our globally distributed data centers, each interconnected and fully redundant provide network availability of 99.5%.

Contact us today, or call us at (877) 942-8100. We want to hear about your business.



Optional Software-based Solutions

Our platform offers optional software-based solutions to optimize your faxing experience:

PC to Fax Software

The platform's PC to Fax software provides the ability to send a fax from any Windows-based application.  PC to Fax operates just like any standard Windows print driver and requires a simple install.  Documents are converted to a TIFF file at the desktop and are sent with RSA-encryption over your Internet connection.  PC to Fax provides the following features and benefits:

  • Address book importing

  • Cover page templates

  • Fax status querying

  • Account code tracking

  • Deferred delivery

 The Fax Plug-in

The Fax Plug-in for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook is a software program that allows users to send E-mail to Fax messages from their Outlook client without the need to address the message to   The plug-in installs as a form within the Outlook client.  The purpose of the plug-in is to ease the use of the E-mail to Fax Service such that a user can select a business fax number from their contacts database to send a fax.  It further streamlines cover page addressing with textboxes for the “To” and “From” fields and an optional account code for tracking faxes by client or project.

For more information on this service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.

Corporate Fax Security

Secure Internet Fax

Our platform's global network uses multiple forms of transport and application layer security to encrypt data moving between our operating locations.  In addition, we support several customer connectivity options that will ensure the security and confidentiality of fax transactions conducted between your corporate network and the fax platform.  Connectivity to the network can be over the Internet or via Frame Relay services.

Secure IP protocols available for either of these connectivity options are:

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN - IPSEC)
  • Secure FTP (SSL or TLS)
  • HTTPS Web Services (SOAP or XML-RPC)

For more information on this Mail Merge service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.



Administration and Reporting


Our platform offers web-based administration tools to efficiently manage your fax account:

Try It For Free. >Contact Us Today

Web-based Administration Tool

Our platform’s web-based Administration Tool allows you to manage users from a web browser using SSL encryption, including adding new users on service, modifying existing user profiles, or deleting users.  Fax administrators can also generate ad-hoc and scheduled usage and user reports through our tool’s reporting feature.

How it works: Click here for Demo

Account Management System API

Our platform’s Account Management System API allows customers to seamlessly plug-in to the fax network from any backoffice system to add and maintain user accounts.  Access to this system is via a SOAP web service based on the WS-1 profile 1.0 recommendation.  Communications take place over an HTTP-S protocol.


Our platform also provides a full range of statistical reporting pertaining to the status and movement of documents in our network and the specific fax activity of users.  We offer management reporting with complete detail on every fax sent and received through our network in addition to user status reports. 

View a Demo of the Platform's Fax Web-based Administration Tool

For more information on this service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.



Web Services Custom API

Our platform's Web Services enable your organization to develop applications that seamlessly connect to the secure Fax network.  With our Web Services you can integrate fax capabilities directly into your own applications and services.  Using open standards and secure connections your applications can initiate fax messages, perform account administration and many other tasks.

Fax Enable you Application with Send-Fax

SendFax Web Service enables you to initiate high volume messages to fax machines anywhere in the world.  Using the platform's Enterprise Class Network, your back office or production application can be fax enabled.  Use the network to deliver:

  • Client Statements
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Notices
  • Trade Confirmations

With the platform's SendFax feature you get up to the minute message deliver status and the confidence of relying on a network used by 60 of the fortune 100.


Manage you Fax Account with Manage-Fax

Integrate the management of your platform's Fax Desktop into your own back office systems with the Account Management Web Service (wsManageFax).  This service enables your own back office systems to be directly linked to the fax platform network, using secure connections and open protocols.  Perform operations like:

  • User activation
  • Account modification
  • User deletion

For more information on this service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.


Effortless Mail Merge and Document Conversion Solutions

For years, business and marketing professionals have been using their own desktop systems to perform and deliver mail merge messages. Now, the process for delivering mail merge documents is more convenient than ever.

The Mail Merge service, part of the Document Conversion Services, makes it easy for companies to deliver highly personalized and customized documents in minutes. It will:

Try It For Free. >Contact Us Today

How it works: Click here for Demo

  • Merge the data directly on our network
  • Provide a sample Mail Merge Document for your review and approval
  • Manage the sending retry schedule
  • Notify you when the Mail Merge is complete
  • Provide you with a full Mail Merge Report indicating deliveries and cancellations

Why use local systems to distribute your messages when our platform can manage the process, deliver the messages in less time and also provide you with advanced feedback on the status of your messages?

Our platform's Mail Merge and Document Conversion Solutions provide:

  • Instructions on how to mail merge

  • A higher rate of delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Easy mail merge processing without installing and updating software

  • Microsoft mail merge capability using MS Word

  • An innovative way to perform document conversion using your email capabilities


We not only perform the mail merge services. We help define mail merge and expand mail merge so the opportunities for your business are limitless.

For more information on this Mail Merge service, Request More Information today or call us at (877) 942-8100.


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