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fax marketing services, 4-5cents per page
Less for Volume Users

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New Accounts - activated within 1 business day of faxing in agreement
Our Support Team contacts new clients to walk them through their account setup & first fax job!

Email Us - requesting a Fax Broadcast Agreement
                         (above - USA & Canada only)
Email Here  - for International Fax Broadcast Agreement

* No Monthly Fees * Ready in 1 Business Day *

Click Here - for a  PC & Web Faxing Agreement
(includes send/receive & custom API corporate needs)


Click Here ONLY for Individual or Small Business Web Fax

(Allows for immediate online sign-up)
For Monthly Volumes of 1,000 Pages or Less

* Fast Start Up * No Complex Forms * 
* No Setup Fees * No Monthly Minimums *
* No Term Commitments *  

Once you fax us in your Service Agreement, your chosen contact person within your company will receive a call from our customer support team within 24 hours (1 business day).  They will answer all further questions, to insure you can start faxing your document out without delay.  Your Account will be live for use within 24-48 hours of faxing in App. (excluding weekends). 


View our Fax Broadcasting Price Sheet to see truly low wholesale rates.

For more detailed information please review our marketing benefits.

Fax back to: (number on Service Agreement)

Thank you for taking the time to review our information and we look forward to hearing from you!

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[Email - admin@faxbroadcasters.com]

(Calls get returned within 24-48hrs.   Emails usually within the hour!!)

(Our Clients have different contact numbers with 24hr. support!)

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Email - admin@faxbroadcasters.com
Phone 1(877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
(Outside the U.S.A.) - Dial (516) 681-2710
Fax - (provided on Service Agrmnt.)
Redmond, WA  (Next to Microsoft headquarters)


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