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PC Fax

Wholesale PC Fax Rates * Your Account activated the same day
* Up To 10,000 fax recipients receiving your document within 30 minutes * Its that fast!

Our Clients use Internet PC fax Services to send and receive faxes via email, schedule automated fax confirmations for online or phone purchases, allow faxing directly from Microsoft Software through secure internet connections & we also provide customized faxing solutions for just about any corporate need. Become more productive while enjoying significant savings over conventional fax methods, like fax machines or fax servers.



Faxts Telysis,Inc. has been offering fax broadcasting, fax blast services, using web fax, web based broadcast fax, and send/receive Email faxing, at wholesale rates for over 18+ years.  Whether you want to send one document to thousands of people all with one click of the mouse, or you want to set up a toll free fax number that allows your company to send and receive faxes through your email, Faxts Telysis has large fax facilities from coast to coast that can handle the job.  Thanks for visiting our website.


Time to Start Saving

Highest Rate 4.5¢/page 

(Down below 1.9¢ for high vol. users)

See Broadcast Pricing RATE TIERS here

Plus awesome international rates & only pay for 100% successfully completed faxes 

* Fast Start Up * No Complex Forms * 

* No Setup Fees * No Monthly Fees *

* No Term Commitments *  


        2 Choices for Our Clients

Fax Broadcasting    PC, Web & Email Faxing


Fax Broadcasting     - Apply NOW

For clients sending a document to thousands of numbers at one time. Thousands of fax ports to get even the largest jobs done on time!  As easy as:
  • emailing us your document, along with fax list
  •  selecting the time and date you want your job to start. 
  • Your job & document are sent securely to our fax servers for either immediate transmission or at your specified date and time.  
  • Additional option of logging into your account on the web to start fax jobs and/or make additions/changes to your fax lists.  
  • Customized up-to-date fax lists can be uploaded right into your account.   Simply fill out the Fax List Quote Form and request to use Faxts Telysis for Special Wholesale Rate on fax lists!


Why Use Broadcast Faxing?

 * Get time sensitive information instantly  faxed to decision makers
 * Fax to existing or new customer lists updated products and svcs.
 * Send automated confirmations on recent web or phone purchases
 * Accurate marketing method to directly reach decision makers
 * Immediately distribute to target audience Press Releases
 * Company Newsletters have better chance being read in Print
 * Product & Consumer Alerts
 * Legal Notices
 * Product Recalls

Cost Effective


Send/Receive Email Faxing & Web Faxing

  • Fax to Email incoming faxes to your assigned fax number are automatically routed to your email for quick viewing from anywhere 
  • Email to Fax - type fax number@.... in Email TO Header. Subject line is used as Subject in Cover page.  Attach document (multi-format options) and click send !
  • Web Faxing - Go to your private web faxing Log In page.  Once logged in, use the quick web page to attach document and tell the fax server where to send your fax.  Users can also upload fax lists to send out  thousands of pages all at once. 
  • Fax within Microsoft Software - simply hit 'print' and choose your 'Fax Printer' to immediately see a pop-up that asks your destination fax number & if you require a cover page.   When you hit 'send', your document is automatically sent out through your internet connection to the fax server.  Your recipient has your fax within minutes and you receive confirmation of time/date it was received.  (This option requires a easy-to-install Print Driver that is provided)

All above receive automated emailed delivery confirmation.

Corporate Fax Solution - includes all the above, plus online administration tools to let you create and manage user accounts easily.  Web based reports let you allocate costs to users or projects. XML based APIs let your Faxing Solution be integrated to web sites, CRM systems, etc., so you can automate faxing. Pricing is down to $3 per user/month, with $25/mo. on corporate accounts.
- simply refer to offer on this page in "comments" section of order form)

  • Top Notch Friendly 24/7 Customer Service
  • 2 Methods for sending your Fax Broadcasts
  • Send Documents just created to 10,000+ businesses in less than 20 minutes


Get Results

We, at Faxts Telysis, Inc. (FaxBroadcasters.com),
would like to extend you an offer in just one area of our expertise that quite possibly can save your company thousands of dollars. As one of the only wholesalers of Enhanced Fax Services offered in the industry today, we have placed our primary goal on maintaining the most cost competitive pricing for our services without compromising any of the custom services you receive from the industry giants. Faxts Telysis can achieve this goal because we are still offering the exact same service you receive from the leading Enhanced Service Providers today, but at wholesale price levels substantially below what they all charge you direct for the same services. Some of these services are patented because they are so successful in reducing the costs you normally would pay through any other provider.

Have a question Have Questions? 
Please go to our FAQs page.

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Email - admin@faxbroadcasters.com
(Calls get returned within 24-48hrs.   Emails usually within the hour!!)
(Our Clients have different contact numbers with 24hr. support!)

Phone (877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
Fax (Provided On Svc. Agrmnts.)
(Outside the U.S.A.) Phone: (516) 681-2710
Redmond, WA (next to Microsoft Headquarters)

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Faxts Telysis - fax broadcasting wholesalers specializing in deep discounted fax broadcast, fax blasts, and web faxing services that can handle even the highest volume clients for fax marketing, fax advertising, fax advertise, web and internet faxing, email to fax services, plus U.S., Canada, and international fax lists and will beat pricing offered by Fax Broadcasting Service Providers like Faxbb, Jblast, SimplyCast, Openfax,Protus, UnixUSA, Express advertising, MediaLinq, faxbroadcastingservice, Premier, J2, xpedite, - while still maintaining the same or better reliability.