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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Fax Marketing 
vs. Direct Mail, Print, T.V./Radio, or Internet advertising!

1.) How will Faxts Telysis save me money?
2.) I would like more Rate Information.
3.) How do I know my Fax Broadcast lists will be current?
4.) Can I get my Broadcast Faxes out quickly?
5.) Is Fax Broadcasting easy to do?
6.) Can I make changes to my Broadcasted Faxes ?
7.) Do you offer good International Rates?
8.) What format can I submit my documents in?
9.) Can I do "Mail Merge" to insert recipients name with each fax?

1.) How will Faxts Telysis Save me Money?
Faxts Telysis can cut your Direct Mail Costs by 50%+ with Fax Broadcasting Have your Marketing Information and Customer Support documents sent direct to 20,000+ Companies or Individuals in 30-45 minutes! At less than HALF the cost of what you are paying NOW!

So Fax Marketing:

  1. Generates immediate response - transmit your ad within 30 minutes of choosing to start your campaign and its in your recipients hands immediately.  Orders come in before you have even paid for the advertising!
  2. Target your recipients by zip or area codes, industry types, size of companies, etc...
  3. Immediate Reporting - receive a emailed report with complete details on how many recipients received your fax and when the broadcast was completed 30 mins after completion
  4. This method of advertising is geared towards every size of business.  We have clients that spend from $200 a month to $100,000 a month.  No campaign is too large or small.

2.) Rate Information?
Lowest Pricing in our Industry - Guaranteed!!

  • We can send your broadcasts for less cost and time than you can yourself! 
    Why - you don't pay for the cost of calls that go undelivered.  If it takes 4 tries to get your page
    faxed to a number, you only pay for the last successful transmission.
  • No Monthly minimums 
  • No monthly service charges 
  • Flat 24hr. rates all the time
  • Pay only for completed faxes 
  • Our already low PRICES can be significantly lower for our high volume clients!
3.How do I know my Lists will be effective? 
Most Accurate Fax Lists in Industry Fax List Wholesalers: with 100% Guaranteed Deliverables on all Fax Numbers you pay for!!  You can purchase by:  * Industry Type * Region of country * Area Codes * Cities *  States * Company Size * etc... Click Here for Details. 

4.) Can I get my broadcast faxes out quickly?
Send Documents just created to 20,000+ in less than 30 minutes. You create a new document on your PC or network that you need to fax to several destinations.  Why tie up your fax phone lines for hours when you can use our servers at just about the same cost as your fax long distance rates and get your document out in less than 1 hour to tens of thousands!

5.) Is Fax Broadcasting easy to use?
Yes, there are two choices.

  • Simply email your fax document and your list (if not already emailed by your chosen fax list supplier (we recommend fax-list.com) and write time/date you want fax to start.
  • Alternative - use our web interface that allows clients to log into a private access website.  Choose to upload your list & documents.  Then simply click on which list and which document you want to go out on a particular day. Hit 'submit' and your fax job is ready to go

  • Choose additional options:  Mail Merge

            If Cover page or just merge recipient company & name in to every fax
            If short message to be included at top of each fax (type or paste msg.)
6.) What if I want to make changes to my Broadcast Fax?
  • Contact our full time Customer Support team assigned to each client, and request delay for resubmittal of revised document, or quick change in time/date.
  • Email your Fax Lists and new document as email attachments, and your new or revised fax list and document will be inserted in place of your old one.
  • PLUS, the fax server can detect if fax was sent to a voice line and therefore your fax lists are automatically cleaned up by the server deleting all lines where a voice answering was detected, and notes which fax #s didn't respond after over 3 tries. 
  • Your fax lists can be imported to the fax address book from any program you use.  We can walk you through this, if you have any problems! 
7.) Does Faxts Telysis offer good International Rates?

Great International Rates! For our INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS, by advertising a International 800 number  in your broadcast fax to potential U.S. customers, you could gain an additional U.S. base of customers with the appearance that you have operations in the United States. Click Here for Intl. Rates

8.) What format can I submit my documents in?

Over the years, we have been able to accommodate almost all formats used.  We are set up to handle roughly 98% of all documents we have ever been presented.  If you find we don't offer a format you require, we almost always can find a way to handle it! 

9.) Can I do "Mail Merge" to insert recipient's name with each fax?

Absolutely! Simply email your document to the customer support email you receive after you have signed up, and request a mail merge with all database field names you want merged into your document upon each fax transmission. So you could personally address each fax going out with Dear Mr./Mrs. xxxx  and incorporate their name into each part of the letter you indicated you want their name inserted.  Cost - none!


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Phone (877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
(Outside the U.S.A.) Phone: (516) 681-2710 
Redmond, WA  (Next to Microsoft headquarters)

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