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Fax Broadcast Rates Sheet
(See Rate Tiers below)


If you are presently paying these rates or lower, send us your past month's bill from your current Broadcast Provider, or written quote from a competitor and

With our rates, 
you only pay for 100% completed fax pages

even on international attempts!

Our already low PRICES can go lower for our high volume clients!
(We have had clients averaging 1,500,000+ pages a month @ $0.012/page (USD) or less)
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Broadcast Fax  

Pages per Month
(based on standard 8.5" x 11" page)
Price per Minute
(Ave Page takes .75 mins to transmit)
for less than 1,500 pages/month 4.5¢/page
1,500+ "      " 4.3¢/page
2,001+ "      " 4.1¢/page
2,501+ "      " 3.9¢/page
3,501+ "     " 3.7¢/page
5,001+ "     " 3.5¢/page
7,501 - 10,000 "     " 3.3¢/page
10,001 - 15,000 "     " 3.1¢/page
15,001 - 25,000 "     " 2.9¢/page
Call or Email for Quote on 25,000+  

If you are already receiving lower rates than our above listed prices, 
simply fax us copy of your most recent Fax Broadcast Bill & WE WILL BEAT IT!

Customer can control time of day, day of transmit, fax list  add/change/deletes, fax group splits or adds, review completed broadcast stats online or through email,  etc.... 



    Email us if you have lower Quote on volumes listed above
Average letter sized page takes 1 minute to transmit.  
Legal sized pages take ave. 95 - 110 seconds to transmit and therefore will cost more.

Click HERE for International Rates For Volumes under 20,000 international minutes/month

Email us for Special Price Quotes on International Countries you wish to Fax Broadcast to. 
Please provide us the answers to our questions on the attached Basic Information Page in your email so we can provide you complete quotes and other pertinent details on any questions you might have.


Rates above include all long distance charges and complete management and
updating of your lists!

Fax-On-Demand Services: (The below prices only apply to Fax-On-Demand Svc.)
(Fax-On-Demand is a service where customers call into a # and hear a voice 
prompt menu to choose customer's documents they wish to have faxed back to them)
Below Rates ONLY apply to Fax-On-Demand Services

One Time Set-Up Fee     $100
Monthly Minimum         $100

Storage Charges:
above 1 Megabyte        $5 per Megabyte per month

Usage Charges:
One-Call Service*       $0.10 per page transmitted (standard resolution)
One-Call Service*	$0.10 per minute "		high resolution)

Two-Call Service**
(low resolution, U.S. only)     $0.20 per page transmitted
Two-Call Service**
(high resolution, U.S. only)    $0.20 per min. transmitted

Volume Discounts (Does not apply to Broadcast Fax)
       	   Discount                Monthly usage exceeds
          2%                            $ 1,000
          5%                            $ 2,000
         10%                            $ 7,500
         15%                            $20,000

* One call service is when callers dial directly from a fax machine and the requested documents are sent back in the same call
**Two call service is when callers dial from a Touch-Tone phone, enter their fax number and hang up.  The requested documents are then delivered via a separate call placed from the fax server.

(Calls get returned within 24-48hrs.   Emails usually within the hour!!)
(Our Clients have different contact numbers with 24hr. support!)

 Phone (877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
Redmond, WA  (next to Microsoft headquarters)

Email - admin@faxbroadcasters.com

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