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We first of all want to thank you for your interest in our Company, and to show our interest in your request, we have provided the below additional information for volume users of fax broadcasting.

High volume established users of our industry's services on the magnitude of your usage want to speak directly with someone in charge, who can negotiate and has the final say on all the terms required to reach an agreement to do business. Most email comes to us from our site and includes all of the details requested on our "Data Information Page".

We first want to say, with the published current pricing per page at a flat 6 cents for any volume below 40,000 mins./month, displayed on our "Price Sheet", that we would be surprised if you have seen too many published rates close to that level before. Most providers don't even publish their pricing on their websites, but rather charge the client, from any number of different pricing levels they have established to use at their discretion.

We publish our prices because we know they are at an industry leading level, but in special cases where there is a much higher volume of usage than the top minute usage tier stated in our publish price sheet, we will start by telling you that we will do


Our staff is available to you 24 hours/day 7 days a week, if necessary to serve our high volume users' needs. (New clients are provided a 24 hr. customer support #)

Each question in the following section is very important for us to get answers on so we can be assured we can give you our most competitive quote available:

Email us your answers to admin@faxbroadcasters.com. Simply hold down the "Control" key while you drag your computer mouse down the rest of this page to highlight the remaining text on this page. Then hold down the "Control" key on your key board while you press the "C" key. You just copied the below text to your clipboard, and after you click on our Email link to send us your Emailed answers, you simply hold down the "Control" key and press the "V" key, while the blinking cursor is in the body section of your email message. You just copied the BELOW TEXT to your email message you're sending us, and now simply type in your answers under each of our questions.

1. Is your information time sensitive, meaning it has to be out to all 30,000+ distribution points within say one hour of transmission. In other words, can part or all of your faxes go out over a few hours? If so, approximately how many (rounded by 500) can go out after the 1st hour?

2. Is typical information sent letter size, legal size, or a customized larger or smaller page?

3. How many PAGES do you send in a average fax?

4. When you send out your faxes to these points, currently do you fax the pages out to your current broadcast provider for transmission by an internal fax on one of your computers, or do you simply fax the one or two pages from a standard business fax machine?

5. We want you to know exactly "what types of services we offer"? First, I will say that we can customize features to meet the demands of just about any functional request relating to either our Fax Broadcasting or Fax-On-Demand Enhanced Services because the software that runs these custom functions is written "in-house" by our Platform Service Provider. What we need to know more specifically, is what "specialize application requirements" might your company have that would require us to design a customized application?

Email us your answers to admin@faxbroadcasters.com

With the answers to these questions we will put together in a matter of 24 hours, or less, a complete quote and give you all of the details on our system, references, and ability to handle any specialized applications filled in above.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to compete for your business.


James Masters, President
Faxts Telysis, Inc.
Phone 1(877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
Redmond, WA  (next to Microsoft headquarters)

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