Information On Demand By Facsimile

The Benefits of Faxts Telysis:

Improves Your Company image - Faxts Telysis, Inc. lets you provide customers, or potential customers, with immediate response, action and results to inquiries for a wide range of printed materials.

 Your information is available on demand 24 hours a day ,7 days a week. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by your immediate response to their requests for information.

    1.Increases Sales - Potential customers receive your materials when their interest is high and they are ready to buy, aiding impulse purchasing. Sales representatives spend their time answering specific questions from prospects who are informed, because they already have your product literature in hand.
The high penetration of facsimile in domestic and international businesses, and emerging home markets, provides direct access to a high share of your total market.
    2.Saves Money And Resources - Faxts Telysis represents a substantial savings compared to The costs of postage. handling. mailing. personnel time. printing. etc. associated with mail response.
Create immediate savings by reducing toll free 800 costs - for sales and technical information. By reducing average call duration and lowering queue time, technical support personnel concentrate on problem solving when routine requests for documentation or trouble shooting are fulfilled by Faxts Telysis, Inc..
    3.Gives You The Competitive Edge - Prospects use Fax Telysis to receive your product materials in minutes, not the days or weeks it takes your competition to mail their information.
Change or update distributed materials quickly, easily, and inexpensively, and. there is no problem with storing, or recycling outdated printed literature.
    4.Maximize The Effectiveness - Use different Faxts Telysis response codes to obtain data relative to the effectiveness of different media purchases, advertising, promotional campaigns, and other aspects of your marketing programs.


For Immediate Consultation Call: (877) 942-8100 (Our Support team answers as 'Profax')
Fax (provided to clients)
Redmond, WA  (next to Microsoft headquarters)


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